Thursday, September 17, 2015

Estee Lauder Beauty Workshop

When I first read the invitation, 'YAY' was on my mind. I could not miss this event. And I was right! The beauty workshop was worth with sooo many enlightening techniques from Bobby Wang, The Global Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder.

I alllwwwwaaayysss love learning things from another Makeup Artist. There must be new things that I can pick up to improve myself.

And.. those products from Estee Lauder are ahmaaazing. Started from the cleanser, eyecream, highlighter... to the lipstick.

In the workshop dated 10 September 2015 at Metro Pondok Indah Mall, Bobby Wang showed us with every detailed information of the light smokey look. Using all the wonderful products of Estee Lauder, he really made the smokey look which was so wearable on day time. The model didn't look so heavy on the eyes, yet so fresh.

Some knowledge he gave us which maybe can be useful for you:
1. For women with oily skin, apply BB/CC cream without applying moisturizer underneath. That way you won't make your skin too oily.

2. Flowery foundation application. Apply the foundation starting from the centre of your face. Why? Because based on research, the centre part of the face can absorb really well all the product applied.

3. Having a really clean fresh face is so important before start doing your makeup.

4. To get a fresh natural finish for your lips, use your ring finger in applying the lipstick

5. No matter how trendy the instagram eyebrows are, the natural eyebrows will always look more fascinating.

6. Don't forget to always set your makeup with powder. If you want a natural finish, apply it with powder brush. If you want a really covering finish, then you can apply it with powder puff.

We still have another event from Estee Lauder, whch is the makeup competition for Beauty Bloggers invited. Am gonna be one of the participants and surely gonna have some fantastic moments with all the bloggers and Estee Lauder.

Wish me gazillion lucks, people.... 😆😆😆