Saturday, September 27, 2014

Review & Video: Lash Panorama Mascara (Giordani Gold Oriflame)

Shout out to mascara freak..!
This time I'm gonna be doing an unprofessional review about new mascara from Oriflame, and comes for Giordani Gold line.

3 words for this mascara. I LIKE IT!!

And for sure it's not the best buddy for the waterproof mascara seeker. This is a great non waterproof mascara. It's great for moslem women for the daily basis.

It's not in wet formula, so your lashes can stay curled up.
It's not clumpy.
You can get crazy in applying many many many layers.
And all of Oriflame products are made from natural ingredients.

You can see more details about how I feel for this mascara on my youtube video down here. And please feel free to be my wonderful Youtube Subscriber :)

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