Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shooting for Black in News - ANTV

Another day, another story..
Today I had a shooting for TV program called Black in News for ANTV.
It was the interview about IZoC (Indonesian Zombie Club). And of course I gotta do Special Effect Makeup. The Zombie one.

I started my morning by dropping my eldest to school first. Coz this day was the last day for his National Examination to go to Junior High School. And the look for this TV shoot? Here it is…

Here's my outfit. Hijaab from NZ Collection (yess… it's my mother's hijaab line). My top was just an old one which I bought in a bazaar few years ago. And that jeans.. It was the jeans I bought in Singapore just right 4 months after I gave birth of Melvyn. October 2002.

We gathered at Family Mart Bulungan at 8.30am and yeah… I couldn't stop myself of taking selfie. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, right?

For this shooting I had Novia, Anton and Indra as the zombies. 

I was interviewed by Cherry, a cheery sweet woman.. and we did it quiet fast. Yeah! It was a smooth shoot I must say..

And for the sneakpeek for the interview… here is the vlog about what I had today..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Body Painting for Frenta TVC (Indonesia)

Oh well it's gonna be a late post.
But I have a reason for that. Because I don't wanna spoil the commercial to public before it's out.. :P

Before the shoot, we had to do a makeup test first.
To see the difficulties and to see how much time we need per kid.
Because I had to do body painting for 5 kids.
Not the whole body. Only the upper body. The shirt part.
The makeup test went well. And I knew I had to make logo stencils to make it faster on the shooting day.

And… on the shooting day..
It was sooo hectic so I didn't have much chance to snap some picture.
I had Ikky and Nana in my team and we had to be on the set very early in the morning. Like…. very early. 5am.

I started painting at 6am and had to deal with some energic boys.. You know kids right.. it was not easy to ask them sit still.

All the work finished by 8am and the shooting started.
First scene. And there came my nitemare.
The director ask his men to pour a glass of water before the boys started to run just to get the sweat effect. Then all the masterpiece I did with my team just gone in a sec :'(

If only I knew they need this sweat effect.. I could make them artificial sweat.
That body painting wont smudged away by the sweat. Won't smudge away just by few drops of water. But a glass of water… and for more than 20 takes.. that meant 20 glass per kids… :)))

That was when we were exhausted because we had to touch them up for every take.. and the time given for touch up only 5 minutes!!

But… I was so grateful for this opportunity. For this experience.
Everybody knows how I love makeup. So I did this job happily. Tired. But happy. Here's the vlog and the TVC of Frenta.

Moslemah and Makeup to My Eyes

Moslemah with makeup. Being pretty.


Whatever you believe in, I'm cool with that. I respect you with what's on your mind and heart.

As long as you can control your words towards people who doesn't have same opinion as you.

As long long as you don't cause hard-feeling onto others.

As long as you don't make any fight with other woman.

Respect is the keywords.
Respect is the famous application you should download.

Social Media is a free platform. But that doesn't mean you can trespass other's yard and put your harsh comment, or insisting your opinion into others.

Let's respect each other, my friends.
Let only Allah knows what is the main reason I'm doing my makeup. Whether it's for my darling husband, for other people... or for myself. Or for Allah SWT.

Wallahu a'lam bish shawab