Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tips to Do Makeup for Irritated / Red Eyes

What would you do when you got your eyes irritated by contact lens? Yeah beside you let your eyes take a rest for a few days of course..
How do you face the world? Would you cover them with sunglasses?
What about if you have to go to the mall or office? The sun is out there so it would be ridiculous wearing glasses indoor, no?

Well I won't do sunglasses. Here's what I'm doing everytime those red eyes hit me.
I got irritated eyes everytime I was too tired and coming home late.. and slept with the contact lens on. (My left eye was red on the pic actually, I don't understand why it's not shown on the pic)
Silly me, I know. But it was like I was so run out of energy.

What I do everytime this thing hit me is.. I'd leave my eyes alone.
By leaving it alone that means, no eyeshadow, whack on 2-3 layers of mascara and put on my glasses.
And I'll put my make up by intensify another part of my face. Like my lips and cheek.
This way, we will direct people to see our lips or the freshness of the face because on the blusher we put on.

This way we will prevent people to see that there's something's wrong with our eyes.

This way.. we won't have to put our sunglasses all day long even there's no sun in the mall or in the office :P

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