Thursday, January 9, 2014

Everyday Makeup with MORE Palette of Demi Moore [Makeup Tutorial]

Here's another look #2 from More Palette by Demi Moore.
This one is every day look which you can go with it for your daily activity.

Too bad my lighting was not that bright so It didn't reveal the true colors of the eyeshadow. Anyway, I hope this tutorial would be very useful to cheer up your day, ladies.. ;)

Here's the list of the product I used in this tutorial:

Moisturizer: Oriflame Ecollagen 3D+ Whitening Anti-wrinkle Protecting Fluid SPF 30

Face primer: Oriflame Studio Artist Face Primer

Foundation: Oriflame Everlasting Foundation (Light & Medium color)

Concealer: Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Concealer

Concealer Brush: Masami Shouko Large Blending Brush

Concealer: Oriflame Very Me Cover up concealer (Dark Secret colour)

Eyebrow: Oriflame Trio Palette (Smokey Brown Color)

Eyebrow brush: Masami Shouko Eyebrow brush

Eyeshadow base: Oriflame Very Me Cover Up concealer (Perfect Light color)

Blending Brush: MAC 217, Oriflame Blending Brush

Eyeliner: Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer (Brown), Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble (Mocha Locha Color)

Powder: Oriflame Beauty Matte Pressed Powder (Light/Medium color)

Powder Brush: ELF powder brush

Lipstick: Oriflame Studio Artist Lipstick (Pure Berry Color)

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