Monday, December 8, 2014

Tutorial: Matte Neutral and Bright Lips Makeup

The power of makeup! Me like it..
And on this tutorial I was talking about how to get Matte Neutral Eyelook then steal the attention by adding bright lips.

Here's the list of the product I used in this video:
Moisturizer: Oriflame Optimals Matte Touch Gel Day Cream
Face Primer: Benefit Porefessional
Foundation: Make Over Ultra Liquid Matte Foudation (Colour 03)
Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NC15
Eyebrows: Sari Ayu Eyebrow Pencil in Natural Black
Eyeprimer: MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot in Soft Ochre
Eyeshadow: The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette
Eyeliner: L'oreal Gel Liner in Black
Blusher: NYX Be Free Palette
Mascara: Oriflame Lash Panorama Mascara
False Lashes: Elise
Lipstick: Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick in Raspberry

Monday, October 20, 2014

REVIEW + VIDEO: The One Lash Resistance Mascara from Oriflame

Why would you need fake lashes if a mascara can give you ones? Yes, this is it, ladies.. The newest mascara from Oriflame: The One Lash Resistance Mascara!!

Ofcourse you'll need a special trick to get the maximum effect with this love. And for that you don't have to worry, coz Big Mommy comes to rescue, babyyyyy!!

And please allow me to say that this it the best mascara ever from Oriflame! Best product with best price. You can know all the details of this unprofessional review on my video and also the special trick from me. Please enjoy and subscribe to my youtube channel :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

REVIEW & VIDEO: The One Illuskin Foundation from Oriflame

Hi to all of you who never can get enough of having only 1 or 2 foundations. Skin perfection sometimes can boost up our days, no?

Here's a new foundation from Oriflame's new line called The One. Illuskin Foundation. You can tell from the name that it won't give you matte finish. The finishing you'll have is a sweet luminous skin. You'll look glowing with it. So if you're the one with super duper extraordinary oily skin like me, make sure you apply good face primer before and after makeup. And don't forget to blot.

The staying power is good. Still can make your skin breath through the surface. Unlike other foundation from Oriflame, the covering is medium to heavy coverage, based on my opinion. The consistency is thicker so that's why it'll give you extra coverage compared to other foundations from Oriflame.

This is not really my favorite foundation, since I'm such a beauty with crazy oily skin :P but I can use it sometimes when I feel like having a glowing look finish.

The price. Yes.. the price. It comes with reasonable price. Rp159,000 (normal price - Indonesia) each bottle and it comes in 5 shades: Porcelain, Fair Nude, Nude Pink, Light Ivory and Natural Beige.

To give you better view, I also have the video review about it. And you can see how I apply this foundation as well. Please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel and be my wonderful subscribers :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

TUTORIAL & VIDEO: Light Smokey Eyes for Office

Hi there, Makeup goers...

For all of you who think that Smokey Eyes is a No go for office, I think it's time for you to hold that thought. It's time to be dare. Explore another beauty from yourself.

If you're kinda new in this makeup thing, I suggest you to have this kinda mini or I better say Light Smokey Eyes.

Things you better stay away for Light Smokey Eyes for office:
1. No need for fake eyelashes. Just feel free to whack on some layers of mascara
2. Be confident. You look great with those dark eyeshadows.
3. Balance the look with soft colour of lipstick.
4. Retouch. Retouch. Retouch.

Here's the video to wipe away your confusion. New subscribers on my Youtube Channel are most welcome ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Review & Video: Lash Panorama Mascara (Giordani Gold Oriflame)

Shout out to mascara freak..!
This time I'm gonna be doing an unprofessional review about new mascara from Oriflame, and comes for Giordani Gold line.

3 words for this mascara. I LIKE IT!!

And for sure it's not the best buddy for the waterproof mascara seeker. This is a great non waterproof mascara. It's great for moslem women for the daily basis.

It's not in wet formula, so your lashes can stay curled up.
It's not clumpy.
You can get crazy in applying many many many layers.
And all of Oriflame products are made from natural ingredients.

You can see more details about how I feel for this mascara on my youtube video down here. And please feel free to be my wonderful Youtube Subscriber :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Make Over Two Way Cake

Let's talk about another product from Make Over (again). This time I want to give you an unprofessional review about Make Over Two Way Cake Powder. In other easy words, you can say powder foundation.

And as an opening, as usual, as a mother of 4, lemme tell you from the price. The price won't hurt you, ladies. It's so heaven yeah affordable. Rp115,000 if I'm not mistaken.

And for the action itself, it feels so light. Giving you light covering on it's own. But it can be powerful once you combine it with the foundation before. The staying power is pretty OK and it can be a nice buddy for the oily face ladies.. like me ;)

Enough with the blubbering, I better showing you the video about this product. You can see how it looks on my face. And please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel :) Sengkyuuu...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Foundation

Here's my other unprofessional review about my first time of using. Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation.

As a mother of four, let me say from the price first. It's soooooo affordable. And with Rp119,000 for 33ml, you won't need much to cover your perfectly pwettyyyy face, ladies..

The coverage is oh so oh so fine. I can say it's for medium to full coverage. The staying power is a thumb up.

And since am telling you from the very beginning that the review is unprofessional, for I'm kinda having difficulty in describing in words, I give you all the video and you can see what it's doing to my face. Please enjoy the video and be kind hearted to subscribe to my channel, pweaaseeee...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Eyebrows Tutorial for Moslem Women

Like what I've discussed on my Live Masterclass on about some Don'ts in Makeup for Moslem Women, one of them is not to pluck the eyebrows.

This rule is based on hadith from HR. Muslim which said that Allah has cursed the women who pluck their eyebrows or ask for their eyebrows to be plucked.

And.. I believe I'm not the only one who has spreaded eyebrows. And it's tine for me to show you about how I do my eyebrows without plucking it and not using waterproof product since it can cover your face part from wudhu.

Please enjoy the video tutorial and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel. I hope that channel can be useful for tou somehow :)

Monday, September 1, 2014



Is your face a plain Jane when it comes to office day?
Never hesitate to apply more colour for it is proved that it can raise up your mood. Doing retouch after 4 or 5 hours of working won't hurt you at all.

Fresh beginner in makeup? No worry my darling friends..
Yonna Kairupan is here to help you with the tutorial you need.
Step by step. All you need after that is some extra practices.. And makeup shopping definitely :P

Some points you have to take are:
1. Stay on neutral look on daily basis. You can go ahead with 'mini' smokey eyes for special occasion only..

2. Marry your foundation with your skin. You can be a good baker at home.. but please don't create a cake onto your face. Meaning.... avoid cakey foundation, ladies.. :D

3. Please.. no falsies needed :)

4. Blusher, Lipstick, and Mascara are your BFF as long as you still have to go to office.

5. Be playful with lipstick colour. Having different lipstick colour on your lips can help to shoo away any boredom.

6. Be charm... and get a raise ;)

That's all from me for now, makeup lovers. See you on my next post :)


Pssttt... apakah kamu termasuk para pekerja yang wajahnya tawar-tawar aja alias biasa-biasa aja.. alias polos-polos aja kalau ke kantor?
Jangan pernah ragu deh untuk ngasih warna warni ke wajah.. karena terbukti bisa bikin mood kita jadi lebih cerah. Ya iyalah.. ngeliat wajah kita seger pas lagi sumpek2nya di kantor kan bikin kita makin cinta sama diri sendiri, bukan?
Terus.. terus.. retouch makeup kita ditengah2 kerja juga nggak akan bikin perih kok saaayy... Janjik!

Masih baru banget dalam mekap-mekapan? Jangan khawatirlaahh... sayah hadir untuk ngebantu teman2 semua.. Ada videonya dimana saya ngasih tau step by stepnya gimana caranya dandan asok seksoy ke kantoy..
Setelah itu yang kamu perlukan cuman latihan dan latihan terus... plussss.... sedikit kegiatan belanja makeup laaahh tentunya..

Beberapa tips dari sayah untuk makeup ke kantor ini adalah:
1. Untuk makeup harian, warnanya netral aja.. Untuk acara2 tertentu, bolehlaahh riasan matanya yang mini smokey eyes..

2. Kawinin foundation dan kulit kita. Boleh aja siiik kamu jago bikin kue di rumah.. tapi ya nggak perlu juga bikin kue bolu di wajah kan yaaa... foundation yang ketebelan di wajah itu jadi bikin kayak permukaan kue bolu yang suka dibikin sama emak saya..

3. Pleaseee.... nggak perlu pake bulu mata palsu yaaa

4. Pemerah pipi, lipstik, dan maskara pokoknya jadi sahabat karib yang harus dipake terus selama kamu tercatat sebagai karyawan lho yaa...

5. Jangan ragu untuk gonta ganti warna lipstick dari hari ke hari. Warna lipstik yang bervariasi bisa bikin kita nggak gampang bosen di kantor.

6. Mempesona terus yaaa.... dan naik gaji!

Segitu dulu yaaaa my darling friends... Sampai ketemu di postingan berikutnya yang masih berbau2 kantor.. Ciaoo Belaaaaa.... *lalu guling2an di rumput* #MacamSyahrini

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tips - Liquid Eyeliner for Beginner / Pemula

Hellowww gorgeous!

Here's my short tips for you who's still facing difficulties on applying liquid liner.

Try to get the liquid liner with the short wand! If you want to know why and the details, please feel free to check on my video ;)

Tips - Liquid Eyeliner for Beginner / Pemula:

Monday, July 21, 2014

My Skincare Routine - My Secret to Droopy Skin

Hi gorgeous!

Here's the post requested by my friends and also my youtube subscriber.
My skincare routine would change like every 3 or 4 months. Depending on what my skin needs. Like at the moment, it really needs the booster for lifting, so I gave it what it needs.

Maybe after this I'll take the whitening skincare since looks like my face a bit darker lately.

So, just to show you how I do my skincare, here's the video of it. It would be wonderful if you subscribe to youtube channel as well, gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Orange Blue Makeup Tutorial

You know. I know. We all know that orange is the new black. And the color hightlight for 2014. And for that, never hesitate to have orange on your face. Never. Hesitate.

I am the kind of person who really like expressing myself thru color. That's why I'm so excited when filming this tutorial. If you feel like the color is too bright for you, you can tone it down with dark color apparel. Or if you're a hijaabi, then you can tone it down with dark hijaab.

And here's the list of products I used in this tutorial:

Moisturizer: Oriflame Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day

Foundation: Oriflame Giordani Gold Compact Foundation SPF 15 (Natural Beige)


-Kryolan Stick Foundation
-Oriflame Very Me Bronzer Peach Me Perfect Powder

Concealer: Oriflame Very Me Cover up Concealer (Perfect Light)

Eyeshadow base: NYX (white base)

Eyeshadows Palette:

- Sleek i-Divine v1 Candy
- Sleek Au Naturelle

Eyebrows: Oriflame Beauty Eyeshadow Trio (Smoky Brown)


-Oriflame Gel Liner
-Oriflame Very Me Click It Blue Liner

Mascara: Oriflame Hyperstretch Mascara

Blusher: Oriflame Beauty Perfect Blush (Glowing Peach)

Powder: Oriflame Studio Artist Loose Powder

Lipstick: Make Over Liquid Lipstick (Hazelnut)


Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Real Techniques Detailer Brush
Oriflame Big Concealer Brush
Masami Shouko 320
Masami Shouko Large angled brush
Masami Shouko Large Blending brush
Oriflame Blending Brush (24146)
Oriflame Blush Brush (23255)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Very Me Bronzer Peach Me Perfect Powder

Hello there all wonderful makeup addicts!

If some of you are looking for a bronzer which can give you natural finish… or for natural contouring, then I'm gonna inform you one.

Here is my new fave makeup at the moment. Very me Bronzer from Oriflame.

You can see with your bare eyes that it is a shimmery product. But.. cha-chiiing…. abrakadabra.. once you apply it, all the shimmers are invisible. Guaranteed!

The color is so perfect for Indonesian women skin tone. Even fair skin tone will do. The price is so affordable Rp79,000 (normal price) and looks like it will take forever to finish it :D

Here's the video version for the review.. don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel, wonderful people!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shooting for Black in News - ANTV

Another day, another story..
Today I had a shooting for TV program called Black in News for ANTV.
It was the interview about IZoC (Indonesian Zombie Club). And of course I gotta do Special Effect Makeup. The Zombie one.

I started my morning by dropping my eldest to school first. Coz this day was the last day for his National Examination to go to Junior High School. And the look for this TV shoot? Here it is…

Here's my outfit. Hijaab from NZ Collection (yess… it's my mother's hijaab line). My top was just an old one which I bought in a bazaar few years ago. And that jeans.. It was the jeans I bought in Singapore just right 4 months after I gave birth of Melvyn. October 2002.

We gathered at Family Mart Bulungan at 8.30am and yeah… I couldn't stop myself of taking selfie. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, right?

For this shooting I had Novia, Anton and Indra as the zombies. 

I was interviewed by Cherry, a cheery sweet woman.. and we did it quiet fast. Yeah! It was a smooth shoot I must say..

And for the sneakpeek for the interview… here is the vlog about what I had today..

Friday, May 23, 2014

Body Painting for Frenta TVC (Indonesia)

Oh well it's gonna be a late post.
But I have a reason for that. Because I don't wanna spoil the commercial to public before it's out.. :P

Before the shoot, we had to do a makeup test first.
To see the difficulties and to see how much time we need per kid.
Because I had to do body painting for 5 kids.
Not the whole body. Only the upper body. The shirt part.
The makeup test went well. And I knew I had to make logo stencils to make it faster on the shooting day.

And… on the shooting day..
It was sooo hectic so I didn't have much chance to snap some picture.
I had Ikky and Nana in my team and we had to be on the set very early in the morning. Like…. very early. 5am.

I started painting at 6am and had to deal with some energic boys.. You know kids right.. it was not easy to ask them sit still.

All the work finished by 8am and the shooting started.
First scene. And there came my nitemare.
The director ask his men to pour a glass of water before the boys started to run just to get the sweat effect. Then all the masterpiece I did with my team just gone in a sec :'(

If only I knew they need this sweat effect.. I could make them artificial sweat.
That body painting wont smudged away by the sweat. Won't smudge away just by few drops of water. But a glass of water… and for more than 20 takes.. that meant 20 glass per kids… :)))

That was when we were exhausted because we had to touch them up for every take.. and the time given for touch up only 5 minutes!!

But… I was so grateful for this opportunity. For this experience.
Everybody knows how I love makeup. So I did this job happily. Tired. But happy. Here's the vlog and the TVC of Frenta.

Moslemah and Makeup to My Eyes

Moslemah with makeup. Being pretty.


Whatever you believe in, I'm cool with that. I respect you with what's on your mind and heart.

As long as you can control your words towards people who doesn't have same opinion as you.

As long long as you don't cause hard-feeling onto others.

As long as you don't make any fight with other woman.

Respect is the keywords.
Respect is the famous application you should download.

Social Media is a free platform. But that doesn't mean you can trespass other's yard and put your harsh comment, or insisting your opinion into others.

Let's respect each other, my friends.
Let only Allah knows what is the main reason I'm doing my makeup. Whether it's for my darling husband, for other people... or for myself. Or for Allah SWT.

Wallahu a'lam bish shawab

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Handphone Commercial

No, am not the talent for the TVC for sure :P
Will be play my role as SPX Makeup Artist. Looks like zombies really penetrate into everything in Indonesia. Tx to The Walking Dead. Tx to Indonesian Zombie Club.

Now, it's gonna be the first TVC with zombies in Indonesia if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully it will be followed by another products. Amin.

Noooo… My husband won't be in the commercial too… 
And beside costume fitting, we also did makeup test for the camera. Here's the look that I did for the commercial..

The shooting schedule is on Monday, 10 March 2014. Wish us luck, good people...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tips to Do Makeup for Irritated / Red Eyes

What would you do when you got your eyes irritated by contact lens? Yeah beside you let your eyes take a rest for a few days of course..
How do you face the world? Would you cover them with sunglasses?
What about if you have to go to the mall or office? The sun is out there so it would be ridiculous wearing glasses indoor, no?

Well I won't do sunglasses. Here's what I'm doing everytime those red eyes hit me.
I got irritated eyes everytime I was too tired and coming home late.. and slept with the contact lens on. (My left eye was red on the pic actually, I don't understand why it's not shown on the pic)
Silly me, I know. But it was like I was so run out of energy.

What I do everytime this thing hit me is.. I'd leave my eyes alone.
By leaving it alone that means, no eyeshadow, whack on 2-3 layers of mascara and put on my glasses.
And I'll put my make up by intensify another part of my face. Like my lips and cheek.
This way, we will direct people to see our lips or the freshness of the face because on the blusher we put on.

This way we will prevent people to see that there's something's wrong with our eyes.

This way.. we won't have to put our sunglasses all day long even there's no sun in the mall or in the office :P

Oww.. I do have a youtube channel where I post all the things about makeup, my kids, my craziness, and all the things which are not serious :P Feel free to be one of my wonderful subscribers by clicking this

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Everyday Makeup with MORE Palette of Demi Moore [Makeup Tutorial]

Here's another look #2 from More Palette by Demi Moore.
This one is every day look which you can go with it for your daily activity.

Too bad my lighting was not that bright so It didn't reveal the true colors of the eyeshadow. Anyway, I hope this tutorial would be very useful to cheer up your day, ladies.. ;)

Here's the list of the product I used in this tutorial:

Moisturizer: Oriflame Ecollagen 3D+ Whitening Anti-wrinkle Protecting Fluid SPF 30

Face primer: Oriflame Studio Artist Face Primer

Foundation: Oriflame Everlasting Foundation (Light & Medium color)

Concealer: Oriflame Giordani Gold Mineral Therapy Concealer

Concealer Brush: Masami Shouko Large Blending Brush

Concealer: Oriflame Very Me Cover up concealer (Dark Secret colour)

Eyebrow: Oriflame Trio Palette (Smokey Brown Color)

Eyebrow brush: Masami Shouko Eyebrow brush

Eyeshadow base: Oriflame Very Me Cover Up concealer (Perfect Light color)

Blending Brush: MAC 217, Oriflame Blending Brush

Eyeliner: Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer (Brown), Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble (Mocha Locha Color)

Powder: Oriflame Beauty Matte Pressed Powder (Light/Medium color)

Powder Brush: ELF powder brush

Lipstick: Oriflame Studio Artist Lipstick (Pure Berry Color)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cheap & Effective: EYELASH CURLING

Here's the thing I want to share with you, ladies..
The simple thing to save few minutes everytime you're doing your makeup.
That is by curling up your eyelashes at salon.

The process is about 1,5 hours and all you have to do is just close your eyes.
The price is cheap on my area, only Rp40,000!! And your eyelashes will stay curl up for about 2 months. I made a vlog when I did it this afternoon and you can see the result. Sorry I didn't have time to take a picture because I still have so many things to do. Running my errands, you know ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Story with Oriflame Lacey Nail Art Sticker

am about to embarrass myself posting this thing. I know exactly that I'm not so into the nail thing. But.. since I'm making lots of videos on Youtube, I thought why not I put some colors on my nails. Just when I'm having my period.

(Note: moslem woman only can be with nail polish during the period time, due to religious activity)

And then, came this cute nail art stickers from Oriflame. And I bought it confidently. It's a beautiful piece of art, no?

It's on a good price, 30% off as a new product. So i bought it only Rp35,000 (from Rp49,000). And look at the pattern. It gives kinda sexy look to my eyes.

So, being a sweet and nice woman, I followed the instruction from the catalog about how using it this quiet afternoon.

They suggested me to apply the transparent nail polish onto my nails. But, it's personal preference. And I chose not to :P

So I chose just to apply this lacey thing straight onto my nails.

Trust me it was not such an easy peasy time putting those sexy lacey on my nails. Definitely NOT! I even couldn't control my lips :)) (you know the moment when you try hard to focus on something and some part of your face will be a bit ridiculous :P )

God knew how hard I try.. but I didn't stop for sure :P
I kept on doing that until I finished all of my ten fingers. I also had to cut the remain part of the sticker on each finger. 

And by the time I finished with those 10 stickers, the next thing I should do was…

I covered those stickers with a layer of transparent nail polish (Crystal Base and Top Coat Oriflame). They said it will make it last longer. And.. taddaaaaa…

Ahahahaa… come on let's laugh together, hello there nail expert out there!
It was not close to pretty, or even sexy look to mee.. The stickers wouldn't sit nicely! 

So.. would I repurchase? Doh! You know exactly the answer, my friends.. :))
It's a big No No. It's not about the product. It's about me *pinch my naughty hands* It's confirmed that nail thing will never gonna be my thing… I made a vlog about my nail art moment this afternoon. Please feel free to watch it, and not only that.. please be one of my wonderful Youtube subscriber by hit the subscriber button somewhere on the right side of this blog. Or you can click here