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[Sponsored Post by Ageha Japan Softlens]

I'm a kind of person who really believe that the center of beauty comes from the eyes. It's the window to our soul, our heart, our mood, our brain..

That is why most of the time I always focus on intensify the eyes everytime I'm doing my makeup or someone's makeup. And then BOOM! Your look changed dramatically..

The other way to have a different dramatic look is by changing your eye color. And trust me.. this has been done successfully by most of Asian women. As we know that Asian only has 2 colors for the eyes: Black or Dark Brown. Mine is dark brown. And as a person who really love to have different thing in everything.. having colored eyes always cross in my mind. And Coloured Softlens / Contact Lens was a very great invention!

Nope.. it's not my picture down here. Although it would be a great honour for me if you have that thought :P

Ok.. back to…. me!
I'm not that lucky like any other girl or woman out there who can easily pick any kind of coloured softlens and lay it onto the eyes. And am looking for some friends in common here.. coz I'm gonna share you my solution about this, ladies.. 

So… you can just nod if you're having this situation like me:

1. Having bad asthma -- which my bad asthma really affect my eyes. They become red easily everytime I'm not in a good condition, too tired, being in a very cold room.. Ouuw.. I don't heart you, naughty asthma!

2. Having dry eyes 

3. Having sensitive eyes -- I suspect this was caused by my naughty asthma. I'm allergic to coloring material from certain softlens. I suffered infected red eyes for 2 months from Korean Softlens. Poor pretty Yonna :(

4. Having headache after using glasses for half day -- and I'm telling you that this was not because wrong prescription. It was like the bridge of my nose would start falling down..and then the burden moved to my head..and then came the headache. And it was not because the frame was too heavy, I'm telling you.. This naughty headache was just….. there for some reason :(

5. Having heavy activity so you have to stay away from home during the day -- running here and there. Having meeting here and there. Mommy duties here and there. You have to jump. You have to run. You have to tumble. You have no time for checking on 5 hours softlens using then take it off..

If you do have these kind of situations like I do… then we can dance hooray together my pwetty friends… Because.. Ageha Japan Softlens comes to the rescueeee…. Teeeheeeeee….

You won't feel a thing once you have this friendly softlens in your eyes..
You won't scare little children with your red eyes..
You don't have to use mirror screen protector for your handphone to make it easier for you to check your eyes.. (uh-hu.. I did that I swear..)
You won't need any eyedrop while using this little pretty buddy
You don't have to worry for 6 MONTHS!!
You can buy a pair of softlens in different range (I'm having different range in minus between my left and right eyes)

Why you won't feel a thing like there's nothing inside your eyes
From my unprofessional point of view.. I believe it's because this softlens is so soft. Felt like gel. I think it's related with their raw material. I won't make you dizzy by mentioning all the materials.

And the shape.. It's so perfect then it just embrace your eyes directly once you put it there.

Why you won't scare little children with your red eyes..
Simply because you won't have red eyes with this soft lens. That's my best unprofessional opinion :P
Simply because the water content is only 45%. The lower the better. It means this softlens won't need much water which it will get from your eyes.

Then by this.. it will not drain your eyes. 
Then by this.. you won't need any eyedrop at all.

Now, I recommend you to use 3 colours softlens from Ageha Japan Softlens: Lunatia in Grey
Why? the answer is why not.. 
You'll get a total makeover just by using this softlens.. even when you're not with your make up, you'll still look chic and fresh.

And if you're a stage person or camera person, then this kind of softlens will really intensify and brighten up your eyes. It's hard for me to explain it by words. Lemme just show it to you thru my video down there..

Although stated by Ageha that this is a 4 colours softlens, my opinion is this is a 3 colours softlens.

There are 4 colours for Ageha Lunatia: Brown, Green, Aqua Blue, and Grey.
But I strongly suggest you to try Grey colour. By choosing this colour, basically you'll get the effect of multi colour.

Beside grey colour, at some different lighting, you'll get your eyes look blueish.. sometimes greenish, and sometimes brown (this brown only appear if you're doing selfie picture in very poor lighting)

Here are some facts about Ageha Lunatia Japan Softlens in Grey:
Price: Rp182,000
Available range from Normal to -8.00
Diameter 16.0mm
Can be used for 6 months
Base Curve 8.8mm
Water Content 45%

Where to buy?
You can buy this softlens from Ageha Japan's Softlens website and they're also selling the softlens worldwide. You can click here if you want to order. And please make sure you register as a member first to get more benefits..

And here's the video of my review.. :) And.. till we meet again on my next post. Chiaoo...

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