Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review: Oriflame Ecollagen [3D+] Whitening Anti-Wrinkle SPF 30

I love love love this product at the moment. Or maybe I can say that I depend on this product :P
Being a 35+ years old woman, I'm dealing with wrinkles and skin which getting darker because of pigmentation, and also from the sunlight. I used to have a fair skin but it was long gone. So I decided to use this product and give you my review..

How could I not love the packaging, people. It's so light and slim. You can bring it everywhere you want if you want to without feeling it. It's more hygienics because we don't have to dip our finger to the product.

Product Power
This is the perfect product if you want to combat 2 things: wrinkle and dark skin. It has 3 powers:

SMART WHITENING COMPLEX which will stimulate our skin to produce more and more melanin. The so nice melanin will help our skin to be more evening and fairer.

TRI PEPTIDE this is the key to kick away wrinkles because it will pump the wrinkles from within   in length, depth and width.

SPF 30 is our shield to face the naughty UVA and UVB which will cause ageing.

And ladies, you can say hi to a younger and healthier skin finally!!

Basically, it's for women in the age group of 35+. BUT...
if you're below 35 and you're having those problems for 35+ (wrinkles , darker/uneven skin) you can use this product too.

It's for all skin type, even for me with very oily skin. I don't feel any stickiness after applied it.

The normal price is Rp269,000 for 40ml which will last for 2 months to me.

But sometimes Oriflame has discount program every month. You can check it to Oriflame member near you.

Well, long story short.. I would say that I love love love this product. If you want to see another version of review, please check the video review I made for this lil buddy.

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