Sunday, December 29, 2013

Review & How To Apply: Oriflame Studio Artis Gel Liner

This lil buddy is really a must have for all Moslem Woman..
Am gonna tell you why.. all you have to do is just put your smile and read this post until the end.. Pweaseee.. :)

It's not the first Gel Liner of Oriflame. About 2 years ago, Oriflame has launched their first Gel Liner under Oriflame Giordani Gold. But it was a totally failure I must say. The gel was too dry so it gave you hard time to apply it…

It came back with new formula I believe. It's not under Oriflame Giordani Gold label, but under Oriflame Studio Artist (code: 26531, normal price: Rp99,000). The smooth texture really gives us rich color and long lasting. It was stated that it can endure up to 24 hours. But to my oily skin, it was about 18-20 hours.

It comes in a small glass pot like in the picture, and with a tiny weeny brush applicator. I don't use the brush actually, because I have giant fingers. But for you with 'normal' fingers, you can go ahead with this brush because the bristles is really good. 

It's not the blackest black, but by doing some layering you have the black that you really want ;)

This is a must have item for Moslem Woman. Why?
Because I can say that this is the only gel liner which is not a waterproof product in Indonesia. That means it can be used by moslem woman everyday… every single day.. even when you're not on your period!

Not so many moslem woman knows that we can not use waterproof product onto our face on our daily basis. Because it will cover your skin from wudhu. But we can use it during our period.

You can click here if you want to order this product. You can have cheaper price if you are registered as Oriflame Member. How to be a member? You can contact me for further info.

And if you want to know how to apply it, no worry my friends.. because I have the video tutorial for you.. See you on my next unprofessional review, wonderful readers..

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