Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVIEW & HOW TO: Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush

Helloooww world...

I want you to meet my new fave blusher. This is the product that I've been waiting for from Oriflame. ORIFLAME STUDIO ARTIST CREAM BLUSH!

But I warn you before that it's gonna be a very unprofessional review. Don't expect too much about the lovely details like swatches, ingredients info, or anything.. Coz I'm kinda a very lazy blogger.

One thing for sure, this post is written with my high spirit energy, and am sure you can feel it.

Instead of a cream blush, I prefer to say it as liquid blush. Coz it's waaaayy beyond creamy. Which I like it, that's why it gives a very natural finish.
It came in 3 different colours: Pink Glow, Sheer Berry, and Soft Peach.

If you want to have a fresh or dolly look, then you can choose Pink Glow.

If you want to have a natural, or sophisticated look.. then you can go with Sheer Berry
And..if you feel like to go with No Make Up Look, then Soft Peach is the right one for you.
If you're a stage person, then this Cream Blush is really PERFECTO for you. The Illuma Fair as one of the ingredients, is the thing which will reflect the light, so that the color will stand out beautifully on your face.

Since this is a very new product, it's on promo price at the moment. And if you live in Indonesia and want to order it, you can order it here

I'm not gonna write too much coz I know you'll get better information from my video, which I'll attach down here. 

So..that's it. There goes my short and unprofessional review about my new fave thing. See you soon on my next post, Sexy Ladies!

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