Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oriflame Make Up Tutorial: Smokey Eyes for Beginners

Back in the days...
I remember the times when I started to have my own make up things.
Everything was so limited.

One tiny lipstick.
One mini eyeshadow with only 2 colours.
That's it.

Then I started falling in love with this smokey eyes look, and had to work that out only with the colours I have. When I wasn't satisfied with the result, then I borrowed my friends eyeshadow.. Hahahhaaa...

At that time I found so many friends of mine asking me to teach them the smokey look.
Most of them were clueless. That's why I made this video tutorial. I hope this vid can be very useful to everyone.

You can find all the details for the tutorial on the video I posted on my Youtube Channel here http://youtu.be/6emSWm5mziI

Here's the products I used for this look:

Moisturizer: Oriflame Matte Touch Day Gel Cream 19899

Foundation: Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Foundation

Pressed Powder: Oriflame Beauty Matte Control Pressed Powder

Concealer: Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer (Medium)

Eyebrow: Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Definer

Eyeshadow: Oriflame Beauty Colour Pro Trio Eyeshadow - Smokey Brown (22919)

Face Primer: Oriflame Beauty Perfecting Face Primer 22862

Concealer: Very Me Cover Up Concealer 21278

Eyeshadow Base: Very Me Double Trouble Eyeliner - Mocha Locha

Eyeliner: Oriflame Beauty Smooth Definer 22490 (Black)

Mascara: Oriflame 2FX Mascara (20362)

Countour: Oriflame Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearl (Brown)

Blush On: Oriflame Beauty Blush On - Glowing Peach

Lipstick: Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick 22865 (Pure Berry)